Best Methods to earn using Web3

Web3 is a rapidly-growing, fast-paced, ever-changing behemoth of a concept. Amidst a landscape of change, this new iteration of the World Wide Web incorporates never-before-implemented concepts of decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics. In the wild west of Web3, its main proponents have introduced the democratization of data. Data security, scalability, and privacy for all […]

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Gala Games Guide

Publishing Games of the Future If you’re a part of the gaming community, you’ve undoubtedly heard of some large video game developers before. Naughty Dog, Bungie, Epic, Raven, Ubisoft, 2K–even if you don’t know the exact IP they’re responsible for creating, you’ve probably heard of those names before. And then there are the monolithic names

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Gods Unchained Game Overview

I’ve been playing Gods Unchained since May last year, and I’ve had an absolute blast. I originally downloaded the game after looking for an alternative TCG to play. The pay-to-win Hearthstone wasn’t cutting it anymore, and although I love the quirky voice-acting and heart-warming music, I was looking for something fresh. Gods Unchained could be the next step in the evolution

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Upland Game Overview

In the wide world of web3, there is a myriad of gaming genres for one to experience. Some games revolve around NFTs, there are classic strategy games with tokenomics incorporated, and there are metaverses that act as an umbrella for smaller games to thrive under. And then there are games that don’t fit into any

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Best Enjin Based Games

Enjin is a second-layer blockchain built on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s designed to add utility to games and make managing video game-related assets easier. It’s the 95th largest cryptocurrency in the market and it’s the only crypto recognized by the Japanese government as gamer-friendly. Enjin has ambitious plans to be used as a currency at

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