Victor Espinosa

Victor is a Gaming enthusiast who has seen his love shift from traditional Survival Horror to the promising world of Blockchain gaming. Victor is always looking into new crypto projects, reviewing blockchain games, and curating a portfolio that any crypto-fanatic would be proud of!

DeFi Kingdoms Dueling Guide: Something is Better than Nothing

Web3 games are under pressure from their communities to produce something playable. It doesn’t matter if the project is a massive metaverse that spans hundreds of planets and features dozens of spaceships to customize; players want something playable. And they want it now. Video games take time to create. Then they take more time to be tested, …

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Gala Games Guide

Publishing Games of the Future If you’re a part of the gaming community, you’ve undoubtedly heard of some large video game developers before. Naughty Dog, Bungie, Epic, Raven, Ubisoft, 2K–even if you don’t know the exact IP they’re responsible for creating, you’ve probably heard of those names before. And then there are the monolithic names …

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Upland Game Overview

In the wide world of web3, there is a myriad of gaming genres for one to experience. Some games revolve around NFTs, there are classic strategy games with tokenomics incorporated, and there are metaverses that act as an umbrella for smaller games to thrive under. And then there are games that don’t fit into any …

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Cryptoblades Game Guide

The world of web3 gaming is a dangerous place for creative ideas. For every successful game that’s managed to sustain both community and economy, there are a dozen games that didn’t. The road to success in web3 is littered with broken projects and dead coins. So when a game succeeds in web3 gaming–by whatever standards …

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