The Six Dragons Getting Started Guide

I’ve explored all kinds of fantasy worlds, from the northern reaches of Skyrim to roaming the Northern Kingdoms as Geralt in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I’ve even trekked all across Thedas in Dragon Age to bring an end to the blight. Now enters The Six Dragons and Nemberus, a land that used to be a prospering world until the dragons arrived. Luckily for the people of Nemberus, I have quite the portfolio for dragon-slaying now, only if I could find them…

Jokes aside, getting started in The Six Dragons can be a real bore, especially if you don’t understand its mechanics and features. Luckily for you, I’ve slogged my way through Nemberus, portal after portal, arena after arena, to break down the gigantic world of Nemberus into bite-sized pieces.

It’s no secret that BlockPegnio, the developers of The Six Dragons, are fans of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The devs even mention it on their socials. But while it is a fantasy RPG set in a world plagued by the emergence of dragons, there is dungeon delving, crafting, magic, and a giant world to explore. The Six Dragons is a blockchain game built on the Enjin chain.

This means that in-game items, also known as NFTs, whether brought or crafted, on the Enjin blockchain have real-world value. So those hundreds of gold rings smithed at the Skyforge in Whiterun could be sold for real money! This is the promise of blockchain gaming: ownership and value over your items and governance over a game’s future.

Before You Start Your Quest

The Six Dragons Menu

Before you start your adventure in The Six Dragons, you must understand the following:

  • The Six Dragons is in Alpha, meaning that the game is in its infancy, and gameplay is choppy at best. Before you play The Six Dragons, know that this is not the final product and that BlockPegnio is working away to improve features, usher in new mechanics, and fix bugs. That said, early access is a risk factor as some games don’t make it to full release, or the final product is not what players thought it would be. Moreover, the risks increase significantly from being built on the blockchain as NFTs for the game could decrease in value.
  • I highly recommend that you get acquainted with BlockPegnio’s socials. The Six Dragons website and Discord channel will allow you to stay updated with all the latest information regarding the game. Moreover, in my experience, there’s always an opportunity to get rewards from being early players. And competitions hosted by the developers.
  • Although an RPG with inspiration from the greats, don’t expect much in story and direction. The game is in Alpha, so its current form is a features and mechanics test for BlockPegnio rather than an actual RPG experience.

Setting Up an Enjin Wallet

Down the line, The Six Dragons will release on Steam. However, the game can now be downloaded from the official website. Simply create a free account and download the game manually or through the installer, whichever you prefer.

Like in true blockchain fashion, you will need a wallet to get your hands on The Six Dragons. The game is built on the Enjin chain; therefore, you will need an Enjin wallet. Creating a wallet is trivial simply write down the words from your secret phrase and store them somewhere safe. Be careful not to lose this, as this is the key to your wallet. I suggest getting the Enjin mobile App as this will make it even easier to link The Six Dragons to your wallet.

Now finally, load up the game and enter your login information. However, before you can enter Nerembus and get adventuring, you’ll need to link The Six Dragons with your Enjin account. To do this, simply scan the QR code on the main menus via the Enjin mobile app. This will add The Six Dragons as a project to your account. Now you’re ready to get exploring!

The First Five Levels: Starting Your Adventure with a Flying Start

Chopping Wood

Spawning into Nerembus will leave you dazed and confused, as you will spawn not too far from the starting village called Aligren. There’s no narrator, no quest, and not even an NPC in sight. However, there is a brief message from the devs explaining the purpose of the alpha build and a short guide to the game’s controls.

Nemberus is very dangerous. While you explore, monsters will constantly spawn around you. Therefore complete these first steps before starting your adventure:

  • Equip your humble level one gear via the inventory (I).
  • View all the available character skills accessed via (L). This is also where you’ll be spending AP to gain new skills. Note that you can reset your skills anytime to try out new builds.

Once you’ve got this out the way, you’re free to explore. There isn’t much of a guide for you; however, if you look closely at the map and surroundings, you will see a subtle dirt path leading you to Aligren. You may also spot strange-looking portals and glowing structures on the ground. Ignore these for now and fight your way to the village.

The world of Nemberus is filled with resources that you can mine and gather. Your character can chop trees, mine rocks for metal, harvest mushrooms, and plants, and even kill animals for food. I highly recommend picking these resources on your journey, as this will save you time later.

  • If you get lost, tap the ALT key to enable your mouse cursor and adjust your map until you can see the blue icon of Aligren. Bear in mind you’ll lose control of your character in this state so disable it if you see any nasty critters heading your way. Alternatively, you could defeat an arena to teleport back to the town. However, you’ll need an arena key, and the bosses within the arenas are challenging at the starting level.

I’m in Aligren. Now What?

Green Portal

Entering Aligren, you’ll notice a massive green portal. Each time you complete an arena or portal and decide to teleport to Aligren, you’ll spawn here. There really isn’t much to do in Aligren, and the locals aren’t exactly chatty. However, this will be your main hub for most of your experience with The Six Dragons. It’s not exactly Solitude or even Riverwood, for that matter.

Now all of the buildings in Aligren are inaccessible. Still, there are some facilities that I suggest you get acquainted with:

  • The Blacksmith – This is where you can craft items on and off the blockchain using a recipe.
  • Save Point – You can save your game by talking to an NPC. Note that all saves are local to the device because the game is in Alpha. Only NFTs in your Enjin wallet can be used across saves.
  • Celestial Shop – This is the shop for all your blockchain needs. You can convert items on and off the blockchain, access the Fiat Shop, and convert Celestial Tokens for items. In addition, you can access the Governance Exchange, TSDT Exchange, Enjin NFT Shop, and the Quest Items Exchange.
  • Cooking Station – There is a primitive Cooking Station where you can burn fifty logs of wood to cook items to improve your stats for some time.
  • Quest Board – The Quest Board is where you’ll get all your Daily Quests from.

You can’t pause the game; the land of Nemberus is dangerous as enemies spawn everywhere. However, enemies will not spawn in Aligren, making it a great place to visit if you need a minute being AFK.

Understanding The Core Mechanics of The Six Dragons

Understanding the World of Nemberus

The world of Nemberus is massive; however, the alpha build limits the player to only a few areas. This area is huge! There are hundreds of high leveled enemies between Aligren and the next village. However, once you’ve visited a village, you’ll be able to teleport to it via the green Teleport Gate. That said, you won’t be getting there anytime soon as you’ll need decent gear and be a high level.

On the top right corner of the screen, you will see information regarding your location’s area level. I suggest staying inside an area of your character level. However, I decided to sit on the border with higher-level enemies after a few levels. This allowed me to run in and kill stronger enemies for more XP while safely returning to a lower-level area.

Combat: Killing Your Way To the Top


The combat in The Six Dragons is limited, to say the least. There’s no defense feature, and dodging is ropey, to say the least. The world of The Six Dragons is filled with enemies, so many in fact that it’s certain death if you venture out into a high-level area, as I quickly discovered.

Despite having a weak combat system, The Six Dragons features many skills that can be unlocked to create your character build. There are AOE skills such as Ground Shake and Whirlwind Attack for the warrior class and Snow and Firestorm for the Wizzard class. I really like the abilities in the game as I had a lot of fun lunging to targets with Charge Fist.

Don’t be afraid of picking a skill, as you can reset your skills at any point in the game. Each time you level your character, you will be given AP. Remember, upgraded skills cost significantly more AP to unlock, so you’ll be balancing new skills with upgrading skills.

Dodgy Attacks and Lots of Enemies

Image from Twitter: thesixdragons

Combat is dodgy; you’ll jump away and maneuver yourself to dodge enemy attacks. However, this is kind of futile as the connection between enemies attacks, and the player will land even if one party has moved out of its vicinity. As a result, I’ve still been attacked even after putting significant distance between my character and the enemy.

This can be very dangerous when running on low health, and more often than not, I ended up dead when I chose to flee from battle. Moreover, running away resulted in more enemies entering the fray. As a result, my character was more likely to survive fighting enemies.

Nemberus is filled with all kinds of creatures, big and small. As you enter higher-level areas, you’ll encounter more dangerous enemies and even dragons! However, I’ll stick to the enemies you’ll be facing in the lower levels:

  • You’ll encounter Dark Spiders and Skeleton Knights in the first areas, levels one to five.
  • On level five-ten, you’ll encounter Wolves, Dark Spiders, Skeleton Knights, and Skulls of Death.

Dark Spiders and Skeleton Knights won’t cause you too much harm; however, in groups, they can be dangerous, so cut them down to control their numbers. On the other hand, wolves and Skulls of Death can be deadly at lower levels. Wolves hit hard, and Skulls of Death have a ranged attack and healing spell that can make them a challenging battle. However, I found that upgrading my abilities to Dual Strike gave me enough attack power to cut their health down to half easily and sometimes one-shot them.

  • You won’t just find measly Dark Spiders in low-level areas. There is a small chance that you can come across the Root King, an Ent-looking creature and boss. The Root King often features in the daily quests for a hefty XP reward.

AOE Abilities Are Essential

Talent Tree

AOE abilities are absolutely essential for survival, and I advise anyone, low level or high, to equip one. In The Six Dragons, it’s very easy to get surrounded by enemies, as enemies have a very high spawn rate. So running through the map or dungeons is very easy to aggro a group of enemies.

As a warrior, I had a lot of success with the Ground Shake ability, as this was perfect for taking out big groups of enemies in dungeons, as the AOE was able to take out five or six enemies at a time. I focused on two primary combat skills and one AOE at low levels until I had more substantial attack power. This worked very well as Dual Strike, followed by Triple Strike, allowed me to take out enemies with one ability.

Magic Points Management

Every time you use an ability in The Six Dragons, you will spend Magic Points. The more powerful the ability, the more points you’ll have to spend. My character’s build in the low levels sacrificed high attack power for high magic points cost. This was great for taking out one or two enemies. However, it would leave my character low on Magic Points for later battles. As a result, I had to be careful not to engage in fights on low magic.

  • If you’re struggling to maintain your Magic Points, consider investing your AP in the Cleric class abilities. The Cleric class focuses on healing and even trading health points for magic points.

Blacksmithing: How It Works


The Six Dragons wouldn’t be a fantasy RPG without magical swords and terms such as Mithril thrown about. However, you might have noticed a lack of these items in the game. Well, you going to have to create these magical items yourself. However, it’s not as easy as it is in Skyrim or the Witcher.

Crafting items is a long-winded process that will require you to either own a recipe or borrow a player’s recipe for a small fee of TSDT. As a result, you likely won’t be crafting many items early in the game. However, armor or a decent weapon will aid you in getting out of the lower levels.

The blacksmith can be quite confusing at first, so here is a breakdown of what you need to know:

  • In The Six Dragons, there are off-chain items (OC) and blockchain items (BC). Blockchain items are minted on the Enjin network and will be tied to your Enjin wallet. While OC items are only held on the local save file. I highly recommend converting your OC items into BC items if you want to protect them from safe wipes.
  • At the start of the game, you’re unlikely to have any recipes. However, you can list your recipes to allow other users to craft items with them, granting you a profit from TSDT. If you don’t have a recipe navigate to “Blacksmith Offerings.” This is where you’ll be able to borrow other players’ recipes. 

Remember that you cannot build BC items with OC materials. However, you can convert OC items into BC items via the Celestial Shop.

An Adventurer’s Quest

Like any other RPG, The Six Dragons features quests in the form of Daily Quests and Portal Quests. However, if you’re a lore-loving RPG nerd like me, you won’t find much centered around stories. Instead, quests are basic MMO grinding quests like killing a hundred of an enemy type. Or kill an area’s boss, such as the Root King.

Daily quests become increasingly challenging as you level up. At the start of the game, you will be tasked with killing a hundred Skeleton Knights, Dark Spiders, and the boss of the area, the Root King. These are pretty trivial missions, and even the Root King can easily be killed if you have a healing spell equipped.

Portal Quests are acquired by talking to Yuri, the knight, after traveling through a Portal. These quests always task you with killing the dungeon’s boss. Exploring the dungeon you’ll find many enemies and resources such as Purple Ore and Gold Ore. As a result, I recommend seeking out Portal Crystals, as you’ll be able to simultaneously make progress for multiple quests.

  • Completing quests rewards you with Quest Relics. These relics can later be used in exchange for all manner of items via the Celestial Shop.

Bring Your A Game For Portals and Arenas

Exploring Nemberus, you’ll notice many odd structures on the ground and floating in the air. The portals will look like portals, and these structures offer a chance to bag yourself some valuable resources and a quest. However, you’ll have to be lucky enough for a Portal Key to drop from an enemy. Arenas are the glowing structures on the ground. These are much shorter than dungeons and spawn you in a room with an arena boss. To enter you’ll need to acquire an Arena Key.

  • There’s a chance that bosses will drop rare items such as more portals and arena Crystals or rare materials for crafting items. You can increase your chances of acquiring better loot by entering higher-tier arenas and portals.

The Ins and Outs of the Celestial Shop

Celestial Shop

The Celestial Shop is where you’ll be managing all your BC items and exchanging items for goods. It’s essential that you get familiar with this shop. 

The Celestial Shop can be accessed anywhere via the menu and via the NPC in each village. The Celestial Shop features a long list of actions, but I’ll focus on the essentials for beginners to the game:

  • Quest Items Exchange – This will enable you to spend Quest Relics for all kinds of materials and items.
  • Fiat Shop – Here, you’ll be able to purchase starter packs and subscriptions and browse the NFT marketplace. 
  • Celestial Tokens Exchange – Just like Quest Relics, you can exchange your Celestial Tokens for items.
  • TSDT Exchange – This is where you can purchase TSDT to cover crafting fees.
  • OC – BC Item Trader – Convert your OC items to BC items.

Tips I Wish I knew Before Starting My Adventure

The Six Dragons Night
Image from Twitter: thesixdragons

The Six Dragons is a slow burn of a game if you could even call it that. Its early access version leaves a lot to be desired, and there is barely any in-game information for the player. I was kicking myself for my earlier actions in the game. Here are some tips and information I wish I had known before starting the game:

The level is everything in The Six Dragons. It determines your character’s skill points and attributes like health and magic points. Moreover, it will also give you access to better gear, deadlier abilities, and give you access to higher-level areas. However, leveling up is a tiresome chore. Completing quests is your best bet for getting experience points. However, you are limited to daily quests, and portal quests and Portal Crystals can be hard to find. You could always grind out killing enemies and gathering resources; however, at a measly six experience points, you’ll have to chop a load of trees.

So I was happy to discover that eating soup brewed at the cooking station in Aligren provided my character with +3% XP for three minutes. Now that sounds like peanuts, but it quickly racks up in a game where you are killing hundreds of enemies. So you can imagine my surprise and frustration when I realized I could trade my Quest Relics for experience points boosters! 

Profit on Drops

When I first started playing The Six Dragons, I made use of the bottomless inventory and began collecting as many items as I could gather from resources and drops from enemies. However, I soon realized that some item patterns, such as the Staff Pattern and Sword Pattern, could be sold for a great price.

Now Patterns are used as an ingredient for crafting items at the blacksmith. However, as I previously mentioned, you will need to rent a user’s smithing recipe costing a small portion of TSDT. As a result, you’re probably not going to be crafting lots of items and only crafting items that complement your build. So if you’re set on building a warrior class like me, you won’t need a staff. So go ahead and sell these staff patterns, as each one will score you a thousand gold!

  • I saved enough gold to purchase a better Mace from the shopkeeper. However, you could decide to go all out and save for a health potion recipe.

I took this concept further, realizing I wanted to craft a sword instead of a mace. As a result, I sold all my mace patterns for a thousand gold each. In addition, I checked what crafting materials I needed for specific weapons and sold all my excess materials.

Mistakes to Avoid

If you didn’t know by now, The Six Dragons is treacherous, and I’m not just talking about the frame rate and bugs. Early on in the game, I thought I was an experienced enough RPG gamer to try and slip past enemies to higher-level areas. Wrong! The further you stray from the starting village of Aligren, the stronger the enemies become. What started with manageable levels 5-10 turned to 10-15, which left my character way out of depth. As a result, you’re better off completing quests and killing enemies at your character’s level.

I made a mistake early in the game by not saving regularly. The game is in Alpha, meaning there’s a good chance your game will crash (although this has yet to happen to me). If your character dies, you will lose any XP and OC items that you gained since your last save. This can be devastating, so make sure to save often!

  • You can save by talking to an NPC in Aligren; luckily, each time you teleport, the game autosaves. 

Long-Term Goals: Becoming a Legendary NFT Blacksmith

Image from Twitter: thesixdragons

You know those Mastercraft blacksmiths in the Witcher that you cling to for epic gear? Or the endlessly creative dwarves from Middle Earth. Well, it can be a lucrative endeavor to pursue. The Six Dragons is:

  1.  A blockchain game, meaning there is plenty of opportunity to make money from items sold and crafted on the blockchain.
  2. An RPG in Alpha with very little narrative and barebones gameplay, where a user saves can be deleted for future game versions.

Of course, players will keep all their blockchain items if their saved data is deleted. Therefore at the moment, the goal of The Six Dragons is to try and get as many blockchain items as you can. Now I’m not saying throw hundreds of your hard-earned cash into this game. As like I said, the game is in Alpha, and blockchain games can be a risky endeavor to invest in. However, from a gamer’s point of view, it makes sense to get your blockchain items before a new version of the game is released.

  • These items can later be used in future game versions to help propel you through the early game. I think this is ultimately the goal for the players of The Six Dragons as of the present.
  • Remember that you cannot acquire Blacksmith Points (BP) from leveling up the traditional way. Instead, you’ll have to create items to level your Blacksmithing separately.


Question: Is there a Day and Night Cycle in The Six Dragons?

Answer: Yes, however, it’s purely for aesthetic purposes in the current alpha version of the game. 

Question: Can You Swim in The Six Dragons?

Answer: Yes, your character can swim forever and even swim underwater without needing to come up for air. This is likely due to the game being in Alpha. As a result, lower-level characters can safely reach the shore nearest the next village.

Question: What NFTs are in The Six Dragons?

Answer: The Six Dragons have many different kinds of NFTs, such as BC materials and crystals as the most common. In addition, there are weapons, armor and item recipes, and, last but definitely not least, dragon mounts.


In conclusion, The Six Dragons is a husk of a game, it lacks many features, and the graphics are very dated. However, it’s not the final product, but would I wager my money on the game being a huge success? Well, in short, I’d say no, but I’ll cover that in more detail in my review. 

The sheer lack of content and dated graphics means there really isn’t much to do at the moment in the game other than grinding your character’s level up. As a result, I recommend crafting items on the blockchain and leveling your character up if you want to get some value out of this test version of the game. 

Although even that can be risky as your character is saved locally, meaning it can easily be lost if a new version of the game is released. Your blockchain items are maybe safe but not foolproof. They’re just as likely to drop in value as they are to increase, making it a hard gamble. 

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