Matthew Du

Forget portfolios and Web3 Wallets for a second, because Matt loves one thing more than making bank on Web3 projects, and that's playing cool games. So being able to tie these two loves together is a blessing, and one he loves to share his views on. Outside of Blockchain, Matt is a long-time sports man, mainly basketball, and will decimate anyone that comes at him thinking they can best him on NBA trivia.

Star Atlas Game Overview

Star Atlas promises to be one of the most ambitious metaverses developed. Developed in Unreal Engine, the game has excited many people about what it brings and how it would impact the future of metaverse gaming.  I mean, just look at these high-quality promo photos. With a strong space theme, Star Atlas looks to change

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Best Blockchains for Gamers

As of October 2022, there have been over 1950 released blockchain games. Of the released games, 547 remain active, having at least one functional wallet in the past 24 hours, according to DappRadar’s data tracking.   One key consideration for many gamers is the blockchain network used by the game. Examples include Ethereum, Polkadot, and

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Decentraland Game Overview

Decentraland is undoubtedly one of the most popular and well-known 3D virtual spaces. More than anything, it is what people think of when they think “metaverse.” As an investment, Decentraland has already proven to be one of the best-performing assets in the crypto space. As a game, the project doesn’t disappoint.  I’ve been a part

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Best Methods to earn using Web3

Web3 is a rapidly-growing, fast-paced, ever-changing behemoth of a concept. Amidst a landscape of change, this new iteration of the World Wide Web incorporates never-before-implemented concepts of decentralization, blockchain technologies, and token-based economics. In the wild west of Web3, its main proponents have introduced the democratization of data. Data security, scalability, and privacy for all

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