Thetan Arena Game Overview

I HAVE THEM IN MY VISION! Thetan Arena is a fun little take on the MOBA genre. For a mobile game, it does a great job of honoring the genre.

I’ve had a lot of fun playing this game, and my main man Steelshot or should I say robot rocket propelled me to score some big Power Points. As fun as Thetan Arena, it has some alarming problems and frustrating symptoms of a MOBA game. 

Thetan Arena is developed by Wolffun Game, a mobile video game company that has a humble number of games under its belt.

Responsible for the development of only three games Tank Raid, Thetan Arena, and, Heroes Strike, an offline version of Thetan Arena. However, where Wolffun Game, despite this, Thetan Arena is a huge success.

Thetan Arena has over twenty million active players, thats a lot of battles! No, thanks to its fantastic gameplay and free-to-play model.

That’s right; Thetan Arena is a free blockchain game that anyone can play. Of course, premium heroes and NFTs are optional. However, the tokenomics of the game and the future stability of the Theta coin are somewhat alarming.

Before I continue, invest in Thetan Arena at your own risk, as cryptocurrency is highly volatile. Thetan Arena was worth $20 in the not-so-distant past.

Now it’s trading below a dollar. This article is for entertainment and educational purposes only and not financial advice. Now thats out the way, let’s airdrop our way into the arena!

Mobile MOBA? More Like MOBA Lite

MOBA’s are fun, addicting games. I was first introduced to the genre in 2013 with the launch of the DOTA 2 Beta. Fast forward almost a decade later. The game has stood against time thanks to its solid foundation and gamers’ colossal appetite for esports.

However, the industry is in stark contrast from what it used to be all those years ago. Thetan Arena is a fun mobile take on the MOBA genre and has got me along with twenty million players hooked in battle.

As a gamer who has had experience playing Smite, Dota 2, League of Legends, and even Awesomenauts, as a result, I can safely say that to call Thetan Arena a MOBA is somewhat of a stretch. The lack of items and character progression can make the game grow tiresome. 

I can’t be too harsh on Thetan Arena. However, it is technically a multiplayer online battle arena, no matter how shallow the game is. Definitions aside, Thetan Arena is a slick MOBA lite game where players must fight in four versus four arenas and carry out various objectives. 

Like many MOBAs, you’ll be leveling up your heroes in battle to level up your abilities. There are no items to purchase in Thetan Arena; all heroes have one unique ability, otherwise known as an ultimate.

Although my time with Thetan Arena has been fun, the gameplay is excellent, and I love the art style. I can’t ignore the frustration that comes from poor server hiccups.

Bottom Line-Up Front

Thetan Arena

Suppose you don’t have the time to get through all of my article, no worries! Here is a breakdown of all the essential information you need:

Thetan Arena follows both the free-to-play and play-to-earn model. When you start the game, you’ll be given three free heroes. However, you won’t receive as many rewards as you would from Premium Heroes.

Thetan Arena is playable on mobile and PC; I’ve played both to see how each version fairs. As you can imagine, the PC is the superior and most reliable platform to play on. I noticed that the framerate was much better on PC, and it was easier to control my hero with a mouse and keyboard. Fur

  • I’ve steered clear from the premium content in Thetan Arena as the high diluted market cap has me spooked. Not to mention that quest points earned from completing quests and used for purchasing quest boxes cost Binance Coin (BNB) to be claimed.

Thetan Arena isn’t going to be your go-to blockchain game if you’re a free-to-player and play-to-earner, as you won’t be getting many premium rewards for using free heroes.

Moreover, you won’t be able to claim your THG tokens until after twelve days of activating your account. But thats not the worst of it. You’ll be spending money on transaction fees for claiming quest points, Thetan Boxes, and even the free welcome box.

Yes, gas fees are a troubling issue within the blockchain gaming niche, and while they are necessary, there are much better free-to-play and play-to-earn experiences out there where players won’t be charged for claiming tokens. For example, in Gods Unchained,

Gameplay: Smoking Guns in Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena is a fast-paced game with matches tending to last around three minutes. In this short amount of time, you’ll go through traditional MOBA gameplay, like leveling up your character, gank enemies, and supporting your team, depending on your role. 

That said, the structure of a round in Thetan Arena can sometimes be messy; Superstar and deathmatch feel all over the place.

This is all part of the fun in Thetan Arena as you get a lite MOBA experience. Furthermore, there are a ton of maps and game modes to try out in the game. However, while the game is broad in this aspect. It feels as though every match can be won with brute force.

A match starts with your hero at level one with only your Fury unlocked; however, this ability must charge up before you can use it. I typically level my second damaging ability, so I have a greater damage output at the start of the game.

Level up your character’s abilities by killing enemy heroes and destroying boxes on the map. Each hero has three abilities, one primary ability, and two secondary abilities.

The primary ability is unique to the hero, while secondary skills are available to all heroes. You’ll earn experience points and crystals to unlock new skills as you win matches.

Swapping Up Your Skills

Thetan Arena Swapping Up Your Skills

Every hero has a signature ability called Fury. These powerful abilities deal great damage with a large area of effect. Cluster, for example, locks his aim on all targets that enter a large circle.

Steelshot’s Rocket Rain fires a barrage of rockets into a large area of effect that can potentially take out the entire enemy team!

There are myriad secondary abilities, otherwise known as electives, in Thetan Arena. A hero can equip any ability as long as you’ve got it unlocked, of course. Leveling up your account rank unlocks new skills. Therefore the higher a player’s rank, the harder it is to predict their abilities. 

I really like this feature as part of the fun with Dota was figuring out what items and build your opponents were pursuing. 

Thetan Arena may be a shallow MOBA, but these abilities offer some variation in gameplay and character builds. There are three types of elective abilities, but note you can’t have more than one active ability for each class.

  • Damage abilities – These abilities focus on dealing damage to your opponent and are often carried by assassins and marksman heroes.
  • Effect abilities – Some of the most potent abilities, effect abilities can subject targets to all manner of problems. They can change the course of a team fight. For example, the Black Hole ability sucks in all heroes caught within its radius into the center. I always combo this with Steelshot’s Rocket Rain to score an easy double kill.
  • Support abilities – While some heroes offer support skills, such as Venika’s shield. It is mainly carried out with these abilities. 

While demolishing opponents with Fury is incredibly fun and satisfying. Synergising with a teammate’s elective abilities is just as fun and rewarding. For example, activating the healing skill on top of a teammate’s heal will stack the heal.

This can turn the fight in a matter of seconds. Moreover, I’ve used my Laser in combination with a teammate to decimate an opponent. 

Quests and Rewards

To become a Thetan Arena pro player, you’ll need all the skills you can get. There are over twenty skills to unlock in the game. However, there are a bunch of quests and daily missions to complete to win you extra Power Points.

Earning Power points aid in the leveling of your account. While the PowerPoints can be spent to upgrade your heroes and purchase access to abilities in the skills menu. 

If you want to maximize your PowerPoint game, why not consider purchasing a premium hero NFT? As you’ll earn extra rewards from these heroes. Don’t worry, though.

This is optional, as you can earn a bonus of three Power Points for every consecutively played match for free. Note that you can only earn rewards for seventeen matches a day. 

Premium Heroes, Premium Rewards

Thetan Arena Premium Heroes

There’s a pretty big incentive in Thetan Arena to level your heroes, as this increases their stats and your rewards from matches. Therefore owning a high-level premium hero can be highly lucrative.

Quests can be found on the main menu at the bottom left of the screen. Here you can view your progress or switch out your quests as you see fit. Completing quests will grant you bonus PowerPoints for that day, so complete as many as possible!

Some of these quests are easy such as emoting in-game five times. While others can be challenging, such as holding the Superstar for a certain period of time.

  • I’ve rerolled my quests occasionally when a required game mode is locked. Or a hero that I don’t play is featured. 

Special Events 

If you do decide to purchase a premium hero, you’ll get access to special events. There are four types of interesting events to compete in:

  • War – War is a PVP mode that features the most players of any mode. Players are divided into two teams and are supported by creeps and bosses.
  • Collection – A PVE and PVP game mode where players must collect event coins by completing matches. Event coins can be used to purchase items in the Event Shop or held in their inventory.
  • Leaderboard Competition – This is a typical PVP ranked competitive mode. The higher the rank a player achieves, the bigger the bounty of rewards.
  • Campaign – A PVE mode that introduces story missions. These can be completed as a team or solo.

A Ton of Game Modes to Get Stuck into

Thetan Arena A Ton of Game Modes

Thetan Arena features a fun rotation of game modes and maps to keep the gameplay feeling fresh. Only two game modes and an event will be available to play at any given time. I have a gripe with this, as originally, players could choose any game mode they wanted to play.

Moreover, if you want to play an event, you must own a premium hero. Therefore these changes made the game more restrictive for free-to-play players.

You are increasing the incentive to purchase a premium hero. The map is set along with each game mode, so it’s best to suit up your hero with abilities that synergy well with both map and game mode. 

For example, the Black Hole is one of the best abilities for defending against an enemy robot on Tower Seige. A couple of seconds brought by trapping the robot can change the outcome of a game. Or, Time Bomb can be used effectively in Super Star to deny the enemy the star.

Overall the game modes are great and fun in Thetan Arena. It’s incredible how much can be packed into just a tiny three-minute game.

Superstar and Tower Seige are my favorite game modes as they require the most team cohesion and have the most structure. I find that the other game modes are a bit all over the place. 

Disappointing on Occasion

What started off as just minor frustration, I frequently came across enemies that would charge across the map without even shooting opponents. Moreover, because team game modes are four versus four, you’re severely disadvantaged when one player doesn’t play the objective.

This can easily change the tide in battle and result in a loss. Poor matchmaking resulted in some terrible team compositions, as I frequently came across three Marksmen and one Tank. 

Moreover, the bots that replace disconnected players aren’t going to do much for your team and will likely just feed the enemy team. This is quite alarming. The portability of mobile gaming makes it way more likely for players to drop out from poor connection or distractions.

This problem was further exacerbated at lower ranks as matches were filled with the Raidon hero. So matches turned into a glorified shotgun battle. Don’t get me wrong; the game is fun. I feel like I’ve got a mini Dota 2 in my pocket. But the poor connection issues lead to a disappointing experience.

Super Star

Thetan Arena Super Star 

Super Star is a glorified capture of the flag, reminiscent of Oddball from the Halo series. In Super Star, two teams must fight over the possession of the Superstar.

Holding the Superstar will periodically spawn in stars to collect. The first team to collect fifty stars or holds the most stars by the end of the game wins.

Super Star is a fun, dynamic game mode that will require you to change up your strategy from attacking to defending, depending on which team has the Super Star.

Typically when players run to their spawn once they’ve captured the Super Star, teammates can quickly spawn back to either pick up the Super Star or defend from enemies.

You can’t just rack up points in your spawn, though, as picking up the Super Star will start a countdown until a new Super Star spawns in the middle of the map.

This leads to fun skirmishes between the two teams as they try to obtain the star. Generally, I’ll let tanks pick up the Super Star as it’s much safer for them to carry. However, if the Super Star is dropped on the way to spawn, you must pick it up.

I tend to prefer objective-based game modes in multiplayer games more than just the run-of-the-mill, turn your brain off deathmatch.

But I don’t know what it is about this game, whether it’s players losing connection or dropping their phones. I see heroes walking on their own into the enemy team and always ignoring the objective.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale is Thetan Arena’s most ambitious featured game mode. Drop into the arena as either a lone wolf or as a duo. In the Battle Royale, eight players go up against each other, but only one may come out on top.

There are no respawns, and upgrading your hero is essential for survival. Boxes containing powerful stat upgrades can be found dotted all over the map. 

As the match timer countdown, the arena size becomes smaller. Only the strongest heroes will be left at the end, so upgrade and scavenge what you can.

I mainly only play battle royales with friends as I find it can be boring on my own. However, for a fast-paced game like Thetan Arena, it works surprisingly well. 

Battle royales can sometimes feel tedious when they have a lul in-game. However, Thetan Arena has just enough space to allow players to fight and retreat, distinguishing it from deathmatch.

I have fun with this game mode. That said, there are balancing issues with this game mode, as a tank will always have a health advantage. 

Moreover, some abilities are essential in the battle royale. One of them is Burrow, an ability that will allow you to dig underground quickly to flee from danger or catch your opponent off guard.

Bubble Prison is also one of the greats, as it will trap your target in a bubble, allowing you to trap an opponent outside of the safe zone. This is really fun!

Deathmatch Modes

Thetan Arena Deathmatch Modes

There are two types of deathmatch modes in Thetan Arena:

  • Solo 
  • Team Deathmatch

These are my least favorite game modes in the game as they get quickly get tedious. I found myself switching off the game and waiting for the next cycle of game modes if I didn’t have any relevant quests.

But why do I hate deathmatch so much? Well, as a personal preference, I’m not really a fan of the mode as I much prefer objective game modes.

Now that I got my bias out of the way, the game mode feels all over the place, a mess of abilities, and void of all structure. Thats the name of the game, though, right?

This feeling is multiplied in Thetan Arena as players put themselves in certain death, rushing for kills. As a result, the game loses its esport and MOBA vibe.

That said, it’s a fun way to pass the time. You just won’t find me in this game mode.

Tower Seige

In Tower Seige two, teams must defend their tower while attempting to take out their opponent’s tower by fighting over possession of a battery. Once the battery has fully charged, it will power a giant robot that will attack the enemy tower.

This is my favorite of the game modes in Thetan Arena, as it’s the most structured and resemblant to typical MOBA games. The game mode is well crafted, as I found there is plenty of opportunities for the underdogs to turn the match around.

Team composition actually matters in this game mode, as you’ll want the tankiest hero to hold the battery. I found it fun to pick off heroes in the backline with Steelshot as they b-lined it, my ally holding the battery.

However, as much as I have fun with this game mode, damn, it can be infuriating when team mates don’t play the objective.

The Heroes of Thetan Arena

The Heroes of Thetan Arena

There are twenty-seven whacky and wonderful heroes in Thetan Arena. However, you’ll only get access to three when you begin the game. Each hero has its own unique ability called “Fury,” as well as stats.

There’s a hero for everyone as there are three hero classes Assassins, Tanks, and Marksmen. Steelshot is my favorite hero, a rocket launching robot that can release a barrage of rockets at the enemy. 

Moreover, the heroes of Thetan Arena are very distinct from each other; here are some heroes that stand out to me, there’s Durass, a hero who deals damage over time attacks, and Lucy Muffy, a hero who attacks opponents with a guitar!

And Kong Key is a cute gorilla reminiscent of Winston from Overwatch.

Thetan Arena is a blockchain game, and therefore, you can buy premium heroes that offer premium rewards. However, this is an option as the game is free-to-play.

Upon starting your Thetan Arena career, you’ll be given three heroes, Raidon, Steelshot, and Veinka. You can level up these characters to increase their stats and improve their battle potency. 

To level up your hero, you must spend purple crystals, known as PowerPoints. You can acquire Power Points by playing matches, completing quests, and ranking up your account.

You can get bonus Power Points for free every day from the shop accessed via the main menu. I suggest logging in to claim these, as I was able to level up my heroes this way quickly. 

Premium Heroes

I only recommend purchasing a premium hero once found out if the game is for you. Even though the game is free-to-play, you’ll only get access to the heroes.

I wouldn’t mind this if the player could choose from a pool of characters. Free Heroes don’t give any premium rewards, so why not rotate these available heroes. 

Matches at lower ranks are usually filled with the same heroes due to Steelshot, Raidon, and, Veinka being the only free heroes. There are three levels of rarity for each hero:

  • Common 
  • Epic 
  • Legendary 

A premium hero’s value is not only determined by its quality and market supply but also its skin and hero level. There are three kinds of skins:

  • Normal 
  • Rare
  • Mythical 

THC and THG Make the Thetan Arena Go Round

Thetan Arena THC and THG

Unlike many blockchain games, Thetan Arena features two kinds of coins, Thetan Coin, the game’s main utility token, and Thetan Gem, the game’s governance token.

One of the most significant aspects of the game is that free-to-play players can earn THC by claiming quest points after completing quests. However, while this is free, you will have to pay a transaction fee to claim the quest points.

Although the game states that it’s free-to-play, I do not think that the game is worth investing in, as free-to-play players receive very few rewards. Nevertheless, you can acquire THC by:

  • THC is rewarded for participating in matches. The amount of THC is calculated by the player’s performance and the value of the heroes used in the match.
  • THC can be acquired by converting quest points into THC for a small transaction fee.
  • Ranking up in the Thetan Arena leaderboards.
  • Thetan Arena rewards streamers with THC, which is a great incentive for players with communities to get some extra THC.

Moving on to THG, what makes this token so valuable and different from THC? Well, unlike THC, which has an unlimited supply, THG has a finite amount of tokens.

THG is a lot harder to earn in Thetan Arena, and only players with premium heroes or who take part in premium features will be able to bag themselves some of these shiny gems.

You can win yourself THG by the following:

  • THG can be earned by participating in special events, only accessible to players that have premium heroes.
  • THG is rewarded to the player for trading Hero and Cosmetic NFTs on the marketplace.
  • THG can be earned by successfully carrying out the referral program.
  • Staking THG and premium heroes.
  • Participating in the governance of Thetan Arena will reward you with THG.

The Winding Road Ahead

Thetan Arena The Winding Road Ahead

Although a mobile game Thetan Arena is a stark contrast to the likes of other blockchain mobile games such as Bitcoin Bounce and Bitcoin Bay.

Even if you’re not a massive fan of mobile games, such as myself. You can’t deny Thetan Arena’s future looks promising from its roadmap.

Currently, Thetan Arena is in phase three of five. Meaning there are a ton of updates still to come. Avatar Heroes and Pets, a new forty-two-player Battle Royale! in phase four.

There’s, even more to come in phase five with releasing of Battle Pass Avatar objects and Social Events. But most excitingly, a whole new Thetan game!

Although this is planned content, it’s not set in stone, and there may be some slight changes to upcoming updates.


Question: How to Get Free Heroes in Thetan Arena?

Answer: Heroes cannot be earned for free in Thetan Arena. Although the player can claim quest points for free, they will need to cover a transaction fee to covert these points to THC. Moreover, the hero unlocked from a box must be minted by using THC.

Question: How Do You Stake in Thetan Arena?

Answer: Thetan Gems (THG) can be staked within the Thetan Arena marketplace. There are two kinds of staking in Thetan Arena High Reward staking, where premium heroes are used for staking, and Flexible staking, where regular THG is used.
There are two additional forms of staking, a twelve-month plan, and a six-month plan. The longer you stake, the more rewards you can earn. However, the longer the plan, the more risky staking is, as your THG will be locked until after the duration of the plan.
For staking, your be granted the following rewards:
• Up to 240% APR on your staked coins.
• Get access to private sales.

Question: Can You Rent Heroes in Thetan Arena?

Answer: Yes, Heroes can be rented with THC from the marketplace. Heroes are rented for a set number of battles. The higher the number of battles, the more THC you will need.
All THC goes directly to the renter. Renting heroes is an excellent alternative for players that want to get access to an event without paying a more considerable sum of THC. 

To Moon? or Doom?

 In conclusion, Thetan Arena is a fun free-to-play mobile MOBA game. The art style is fantastic, and the gameplay is satisfying—however, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

The game suffers from the same early rank stagnation as Splinterlands. Due to the limited skills and heroes available to lower ranks and free-to-play players. 

Free-to-play players earn a fraction of the rewards for completing matches, and while I don’t have a problem with this. Free-to-play players will have to pay a transaction fee for claiming quest points and Thetan Boxes.

I think this is terrible as other crypto games, such as Gods Unchained, make daily rewards easy to claim and for free.

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