Bitcoin Bounce Game Overview: Earn Bitcoin Wherever You Are

I must say I’m not normally one for mobile games. However, Bitcoin Bounce is a cracking little game that puts the power of the blockchain in my hands. If I ever get some idle time, I whip Bitcoin Bounce out to pass the time. The game isn’t complex or much of a looker, but it enabled me a chance to earn Bitcoin, no matter how minuscule. This is a great incentive to play.

What started as a small humble fire slowly burned into a colossal bonfire. While cryptocurrency isn’t in the minds of the masses, it is making moves in the gaming industry. Blockchain gaming has established itself within the industry, from big projects like The Sandbox. More minor mobile games like Thetan Arena and Bitcoin Bounce all allow you to earn while you play.

Bitcoin Bounce is a mobile game developed by THNDR Games, a veteran mobile games company responsible for creating an assortment of blockchain-based mobile games. Bitcoin Bay, Bitcoin Snake, and Turbo 84 are just a few games under their belt that can also earn you SATS. The token is rewarded for playing THNDR Games blockchain games.

A New Wave of Blockchain Mobile Games

Blockchain gaming has opened the door to a new experience for gamers like me. I’ve been around long enough to see the trickling of microtransactions into gaming. Maybe it’s nostalgia, and every gamer has their day. However, blockchain gaming is being praised for ownership of gaming assets, otherwise known as NFTs, and the play-to-earn model issues in a new age of gaming. It all starts with a single bounce!

Before I get into the nitty-gritty of Bitcoin Bounce, I’d like to highlight that I’m a gamer first. As a result, I value games way more than the promise of earning big bucks. I think the blockchain gaming industry has the potential to do both good and bad. However, for its small file size, Bitcoin bounce stands tall as a safe blockchain game that even parents can sigh a breath of relief. Due to there being no microtransactions or NFTs to purchase.

Bottom Line-Up Front

Suppose you haven’t got the time to read all of my stellar article, thats okay! I gotcha back. Here is all the information you need to know about Bitcoin Bounce.

Bitcoin Bounce is a fun little mobile game for Android and IOS users. Where the player must tap their screen to bounce their character along platforms while avoiding spikes and other obstacles. The game is simple but challenging; some platforms contain Tickets that can be picked up. The more tickets you collect, the better your chances of winning the raffle and bag yourself some SATS.

However, in order to receive your rewards from Bitcoin Bounce, you will need a Lightning Wallet. Don’t worry if you haven’t got one; the Bitcoin Bounce will prompt you to install the Satoshi Wallet. It’s straightforward to set up and will work for all THNDR Games blockchain games.

I highly recommend joining THNDR Games’ Discord channel. As you’ll be able to get access to different events and challenges to net yourself even more SATs.

Bouncing Into The Gameplay

Bitcoin Bounce

In Bitcoin Bounce, your goal is to bounce an object along a platform that progressively becomes more challenging. Along the way, you’ll have to dodge spike traps, react to changes in rhythm, and of course, collect as many THNDR tickets as possible. Alongside collecting tickets, you’ll rack up points the longer the distance you bounce for and the number of multipliers you obtain.

Aim for the highest multiplier chain by bouncing on the white highlighted cubes to maximize your score. It won’t be that easy as you’ll have to avoid spike traps, and jumping on a regular cube will break your multiplier chain.

It’s important to keep your multiplier as high as possible; achieving a high enough multiplier will make your character glow red and give you protection over spike traps.

As you bounce along the blockchain, you’ll come across many kinds of power-ups, such as a magnet allowing you to pick up tickets without making contact with them. My favorite power-up, however, is the lightning bolt picking this up darts you across the blockchain. I got a high score of 11,468 by achieving a high bounce multiplier and landing on one of these bad boys, as the multiplier applies while you move along the blockchain.

Boost your Ticket Pickup

THNDR tickets will be dotted randomly along the blockchain. Most of the time, you’ll find them on the highlighted blocks. I typically aim for the latter and ignore risky tickets. The run will end if you land on spikes or fall off the blockchain. However, you’ll get an opportunity to continue your run by watching a short thirty-second advert. However, I only tend to do this if I’m close to my high score.

After the run ends, the game will display the total number of tickets you obtained on the run and the tickets you missed. For watching another short advert, you can pick up all the tickets you missed on that run. I typically only do this if I’ve managed to survive for a long time.

Platform Obstacles

Platform Obstacles - bitcoin bounce

Bitcoin Bounce has a limited amount of obstacles, with only spikes and portals being a significant threat to your runs. However, you’ll also encounter two kinds of jump pads, one that is attached to a block that typically comes with one on either side. While the other is a floating arrow that will propel your character further into the air.

I prefer the jump pads as they are easier to control, as bouncing on the left side of the block will give you more air while jumping on the right side of the block will give you more distance. This is great if you’ve got a big multiplier chain, especially when a series of these jump pads spawn in.

Portals are an obstacle that you will typically encounter after reaching a significant distance. Make sure to jump into them, as they are often located between a very long gap that cannot be cleared with a regular bounce. It can be a little disorientating coming out the other side of a portal, so keep your eyes peeled on the right-hand side of the screen.

Sometimes you’ll be bouncing along the blockchain and come across a warning sign. This is a warning that there is a big gap coming up ahead. I recommend that you aim to bounce on the closest block to the end jump too soon, and you’ll end your run. This has caught me out a few times. Just remember that you can bounce whenever you want, so a good trick is to bounce as fast as you can along the blockchain to cover a little distance. This will allow you to prepare for the big gap.

Raffle Rewards: Winning SATS

The game’s most exciting aspect is that there are daily prize draws of SATs to win a tiny portion of Bitcoin. On average, I’ve been playing the game for a while and managed to win fifteen SATs a day. As well as some higher rewards like twenty and twenty-five SATs. This may not seem like a lot. However, your SATs will mount up in your Lightning Wallet over time. Not bad for just playing a little mobile game.

The game explains that the more tickets you collect, the better your chances of winning more SATs. However, I’ve noticed that you could put a lot of effort into one day and receive just as many SATs as if you were to just play for half an hour. Typically the prize draw ends at 18:00 GMT time every day. However, this can fluctuate from time to time.

This is because you’re not guaranteed a better prize the more you play. For example, the other day, I racked up over a thousand tickets and only won fifteen SATs for that day. While another day, I played briefly while waiting for my family to get ready to go out and earned myself 20 SATs. I was pretty lucky to get this as the breakdown of rewards is as follows:

Number of Winners Prize
1 10,000 SATs
1 1,000 SATs
1 500 SATs
1 250 SATs
1 100 SATs
10 50 SATs
50 25 SATs
50 20 SATs
250 15 SATs
250 10 SATs
1,000 5 SATs
2,000 2 SATs

What I like about this game is that the daily prize pool has a countdown at the top of the screen as soon as the prize has been drawn. Moreover, you can view information regarding the daily prize draw via selecting SATs at the top right corner of the screen. Here you can see the total prize pool of SATs and the current number of active players of Bitcoin Bounce. But most importantly, a live tracker of all the tickets being earned.

SATs Closely Examined

So what really are SATs, and what are they worth? Well, you won’t be funding your next car with them, thats for sure. But collect enough, and you may have a nice little piggy bank for the future. Thats because one Bitcoin is worth 100,000,000 SATs, and one SAT is worth 0.0002169 dollars! That may dampen your spirits; however, collecting SATs and keeping them in your Lightning Wallet is a good idea.

The developers have recommended players stack their SATs as something big will be coming out in the future. I could imagine this being a staking feature or new utility for SATs in-game. Moreover

Trading Your SATs For Fiat

Trading Your SATs For Fiat

The THNDR Games website explains that you can withdraw your Sats by using a FixedFloat. You can then exchange your SATs for Binance Coin or BNB for short, allowing you to convert BNB into the fiat of your choice. I’ve not done this personally as my rewards aren’t substantial enough to warrant withdrawing. Furthermore, I think that it’s better to stack my SATs for future developments with THNDR Games. However, this is entirely up to the player’s decision.

Lightning Wallet

If you don’t already know, you will need a Lightning wallet to claim your Sats. But what is a lightning wallet, I here you ask? Well, Bitcoin is rather slow when it comes to transactions especially compared to other smart contracts and cryptocurrencies such as XRP, ADA, and even Ethereum. However, the Lightning wallet is a layer two solution that speeds up this process.

As a result, lightning wallets have been adopted by many companies and even governments. As blockchain games have started glinting in the eyes of the masses, lightning wallets have seen mass adoption. THNDR Games is an excellent example of this, as a lightning wallet is required to store and claim your earned SATs.

Regular Bitcoin transactions can take anywhere around an hour to complete. However, a transaction using a lightning wallet can take a matter of seconds. Thats a significant difference! There are a number of Lightning wallets that you can use to store your Sats. Here are a bunch that is recommended in conjecture with Bitcoin Bounce:

  • Blixt Wallet.
  • Blue Wallet.
  • Breez.
  • Muun.
  • Phoenix Wallet.
  • SBW -(Android only).
  • Zeus Wallet.
  • Wallet of Satoshi

You can pick any of these wallets. I went with Wallet of Satoshi as this is recommended to the player in Bitcoin Bounce. This wallet is super easy to use with other games developed by THNDR Games, and claiming rewards will prompt you to add them to this wallet, so it works well in tandem.

Unlock New Characters

In Bitcoin Bounce, you’ll be able to unlock an assortment of characters to bounce in the game. Some of the feats are incredibly challenging and time-consuming. For example, if you want to unlock the Basket Ball, you’ll have to jump fifty-thousand times. There are just under thirty characters to unlock, and while they do not offer any abilities or attributes but do change the bounce sound. Their shape and model can impact your game significantly.

I highly recommend sticking to spherical-shaped characters, as these are the easiest to control and predict when bouncing. I mainly stick to the Pokeball character because of this. There are many odd-shaped characters, such as Jupiter, honey badger, and various food items. But these make it a lot challenging to predict.

Although the game’s main goal is to collect as many Raffle Tickets as possible before the daily prize draw. Unlocking extra characters is a fun milestone to achieve as a secondary objective.

More Ways to Earn SATs

You’ll be happy to know there are more ways to earn SATs in Bitcoin Bounce. However, it might take a little more effort than bouncing along a platform. Like many blockchain games, a Bitcoin Bounce referral program benefits you and your friend.

This was perfect for me to test out as I have a friend who is also interested in blockchain gaming. Using the referral program, we could both benefit from bonus SATs. To refer to a Bitcoin Bounce, simply select SATs, scroll down to Earn SATs, and click on the blue button that says “Invite Friends.” You’ll earn 10% of your friend’s claimed SATs prize and a one-time bonus of one thousand tickets. This is a great way to earn bonus SATs on top of your own rewards. Just remember that referrals will only last for two weeks, so you won’t get any additional rewards after this period.

For this guide, I thought it was integral to research other blockchain games developed by THNDR Games. As these games also reward SATs to your wallet. Note that a referral is based on the friend’s wallet, not their account. Therefore you cannot refer to the same friend for each game.

More Games, More SATs

Turbo '84

If you’re going to play Bitcoin Bounce, I highly recommend that you install Turbo ’84, Bitcoin Snake, and Bitcoin Bay. These games also have a daily prize pool, more importantly, they have different reward pools, so it’s a good idea to have a look at the total prize pool for each game to maximize your chances of earning SATs. You’ll receive an extra five hundred tickets for starting each other THNDR game.

The player base of each game is something to consider as the lower the number of players, the more likely you are to win a bigger SATs prize. At present, Bitcoin, Bounce has the highest number of downloads with over one hundred thousand downloads, and Bitcoin Snake has the lowest number of downloads, meaning you’ll have a higher chance of winning.

In my experience, playing the game just a couple of times gives you a chance to win the raffle, and on most occasions, I’ve won a small prize. Therefore I recommend installing all THNDR blockchain games and playing until you collect a decent amount of tickets for each game, as this will significantly increase your SATs rewards. Moreover, all SATs that are claimed will go to the same Lighting Wallet, in my case, the Satoshi Wallet.

THNDR Games Events

Discord is a fantastic service that you’ve probably heard of if you are a gamer. Most developers and game communities have their own Discord server. THNDR Games is no different. You will find channels dedicated to all their blockchain games and information regarding events and competitions on their server. In addition, you can chat with other players and learn more about people’s experiences with the game.

Alongside Discord, I recommend heading over to the THNDR Games socials. I mainly use Twitter to get all the latest updates and developments from my favorite blockchain games and companies. Here I discovered that THNDR would be releasing a new blockchain game by the end of the week. Furthermore, for being part of Discord, you can get SATs rewards for participating in small events. For example, THNDR developers ask players what they think the next game will be correct answers will win a player a bunch of SATs.

Alongside these small events are major events that will require you to sign-up on the official THNDR website. For example, the Bounceathon event for Bitcoin Bounce hosted from September 9th to September 12th enabled players a chance to earn big rewards.

On occasion, THNDR Games hosts esports tournaments for the community to compete for extra rewards. Currently, only Bitcoin Bounce and Turbo ’84 are the only games to have a tournament. So pay close attention to the socials to get a chance at entering one of these tournaments.


Question: What Happens to my Sats if I don’t Have a Lightning Wallet?

Answer: You will not be able to claim your Sats until you create a Lightning Wallet. Although don’t worry about losing your Sats, as they can be claimed anytime after they have been rewarded to you.

Question: Are you Guaranteed Rewards for Collecting Tickets in Bitcoin Bounce?

Answer: No, you are not guaranteed any rewards in Bitcoin Bounce or any other THNDR blockchain games. However, collecting a high amount of tickets will improve your chances of winning rewards.

Question: How Do I participate in Bitcoin Bounce events?

Answer: You may have noticed events and challenges advertised on THNDR Games’ socials. To participate in these events, you must sign up for the event or challenge on their website. Here you can get an in-depth view of the event or challenge and see the current standings on the leaderboard. THNDR Games announce winners on their socials, so make sure to keep up to date!

The Bouncing Road Ahead

In conclusion, Bitcoin Bounce is a fantastic blockchain game for crypto enthusiasts. I had a lot of fun with this game. Although simple, collecting tickets was addicting. You probably won’t be able to earn enough from the game to pay for your next car, but it’s rewarding to earn tiny increments of Bitcoin whenever and wherever you are.

For this reason, I can’t see myself playing any mobile game that doesn’t earn me crypto. Moreover, earning and claiming Sats is very easy, which led me to install THNDR’s other mobile games. It was actually a really good incentive as I was able to maximize my Sats earnings.

Even if you’re not a fan of mobile games, the reality is that mobile games make up 60% of the video game market. Therefore this is the perfect platform to expose people to cryptocurrency and bolster mass adoption. Bitcoin Bounce and various other blockchain mobile games need to be recognized as they are probably the most attractive gateway into cryptocurrency for the general public. This is because the setup of your Lightning wallet is made super easy. None of this scanning your face and sending pictures of your Driving License to companies.

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